Midreshet Moriah

Purim Campaign

Candy Corner is very excited to be partnering with Midreshet Moriah on the Purim Campaign.  A portion of each gift ordered will be donated to the school, specifically designated for their Scholarship Fund. As alumnae of Midreshet Moriah (Rahel Danzger Yaish - 1989-1990 and Tamar Parness Lustman - 1992-1993), we have remained connected to Midreshet Moriah over the years, and continue to support this wonderful center of Torah learning.

free Hamentashen in every order

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About the Midreshet Moriah Scholarship Fund:

Over the past few years, due to a severe economic downturn, struggling parents are informing their daughters that the year of which they had been dreaming cannot happen without significant financial aid.

Midreshet Moriah’s own limited scholarship funds have quickly been exhausted by the unprecedented needs.

Any contribution made for this cause will have a direct, profound impact on the life of a young Jewish woman.