Chocolate Research Tour part 1- ORNAT

Did someone say Road Trip?

If you haven't yet tasted anything from ORNAT Israeli Chocolaterie, you're truly missing out! This gorgeous family-owned business is cranking out some really fantastic chocolates.

Yes, we did feel like "kids in a candy store" with all the amazing options in front of us.

As part of our very serious chocolate research, we sampled a few unique products. At the top of our "favorites" list: Pistachio-filled White Chocolate Praline - it's simply divine! The gooey center has a beautiful balance of pistachio surrounded by delicate white chocolate: what could be bad?

Another best-loved was the Skinny Blondie Espresso chocolates. These adorable chocolate thins are full of a burst of coffee flavor, we couldn't just have one! The chocolate is soooo smooth, our mouths were doing little happy dances with each bite.

Oh, and their packaging is so creative. They have these beautiful, unique boxes in all sorts of shapes and colors. We even got to meet the designer Inbal, the owners' daughter. Her designs are really eye-catching.

One of the coolest things that ORNAT does is they put logos or name or just about anything right on their chocolates! So if you're thinking about a good promo item for your business, or if you're making a Bar/Bat mitzvah, look no further than ORNAT for your customized chocolates!

We are very excited to welcome ORNAT into our boutique line of products that we carry. Their chocolates will surely make a great addition to our gift baskets.


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All products certified kosher 



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