Chocolate Research Tour part 2 - Galita

On our way

Wednesday morning was an unusually stormy day in Jerusalem but we had a mission. To carry on with our chocolate "research". Our next destination was the Galita chocolate factory in Tzoba, in the hills of Jerusalem. We were going to pick up a previously placed order and of course, try out more of their decadent products.

Why Galita?

We had both already been to Galita with our children, on a rare day off from school, for a chocolate-making activity. Each child got to choose a project to make out of chocolate. While they were busy creating, we were busy tasting. The chocolate was melt in your mouth delicious. We kept sneaking tastes when we thought no one was was just too good! Our kids came home with adorable projects made out of chocolate...a house, a jeep and even a chocolate family!

That fun and tasty experience stayed with us.

The Road Trip

We placed an order with Galita and Wednesday, an awful weather day, was the day we were scheduled to pick up all our goodies. When we arrived the wind was blowing so hard and the rain was coming down so fast we thought we were going to be washed away! Luckily, the rain stopped just long enough for us to jump out of the car and run into the most amazing smelling and beautifully set up chocolate gift shop. Galita carries many adorable gift items including specialty chocolates for Chanukah like dreidels in two sizes and lollipops with designs for the holiday.

Walking around the store we came upon....pralines. It's so hard to just chose one! They have very unique flavor combinations that tell a story (see the descriptions on their website). Pralines include vanilla cream and banana liqueur, cinnamon cream with white chocolate, and dark chocolate with whiskey. You really just can't go wrong with any of them.

Sweet benefits

We spoke to Tal, the owner about our order and then, not able to resist temptation any longer...(we DID hold out at least ten minutes), we ordered their famous hot chocolate. What could be more appropriate on such a blustery day then a steaming cup of hot chocolate with a chocolate spoon made out of the finest Belgian chocolate. We sat down to drink, rather devour, this sweet chocolate delight.

We were so warmed and satisfied, we thanked Tal and readied ourselves to once again brave the elements. As we exited the store, we realized that we almost left without our order! We were so "drunk" on the chocolatey goodness we forgot the purpose of our trip! Happily, we remembered before we got too far out the door and came back to retrieve our latest products.

And so, with that, we are excited to welcome Galita chocolates to the Candy Corner family. We are sure that you will enjoy their chocolates as much as we did, and continue to do.

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