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Before We Were Candy Corner

Tamar was living in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband and three kids. Rahel was living in Long Island, New York with her husband and four kids. An Accountant and an Audiologist, respectively, we were each living busy and happy lives. In the spring of 2009 both our families, independently, decided that it was time to fulfill our dreams of living in Israel. We had yet to meet each other.

The Big MOVE

In August 2009, we packed up our homes, locked the doors behind us, and boarded planes to start our new lives in Israel. Coincidently, we had both chosen Chashmonaim to be our new community. We hit the ground running - it was a whirlwind of activity: setting up our homes, buying appliances, registering kids for school, finding the grocery store, meeting old friends and making new ones ..... We were welcomed with open arms.

Every new friend is a new adventure

Though we didn't know each other when we got to Israel, through our shared experience of being the new kids on the block in a new world, we became fast friends.

Don't wait for OPPORTUNITY,

become the OPPORTUNITY

- Baylor Barbee

In our second year, once we had most of our ducks in a row, we each realized that we were ready to take on something new. It's been said that moving to a new place gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Especially in Israel. With that in mind, we decided that we would try our hand at something that seemed to be missing here. It was a natural fit for an Audiologist and an Accountant to open up a CANDY BUSINESS!

Back in the States, every community has their local candy/gift shop, where you can walk in and buy ready-made candy gifts for Shabbat or for a Simcha. We wanted to create that for our community here in Israel. And so one Friday morning, with a variety of sweet candy trays in tow, we stood outside our little Makolet hocking our wares. And people LOVED it!

Every accomplishment began with a decision to try

Friday after Friday, we set up shop in Chashmonaim and developed a following of loyal customers. They were so excited to again have the convenience that they once enjoyed. People from other communities were starting to hear the buzz and wanted "in." Word reached overseas....a family in Israel who was making a Simcha told their friends in the US about us. Those friends then ordered a candy centerpiece to be displayed and devoured at the Simcha. They were so excited to be able to participate from afar. Thus began Candy Corner's OVERSEAS ORDERS.

One Friday, a party planner approached us with a challenge: make a CANDY WALL for their New York clients' upcoming Bar Mitzvah in Israel. We had never done that before (and didn't even know what it was), so naturally we answered "yes!" With lots of research and legwork, we launched our next business line - EVENTS.

The road to success is always under construction

Lily Tomlin

The phone orders started pouring in, and our customers were very appreciative of our flexibility within our product line. As much as we enjoyed speaking with each new customer, we realized that it wasn't the most efficient way to conduct business. It became apparent that the best next step would be to launch a website where people could place their orders directly online. Right about this time, an Israeli startup, WIX, rolled out their user-friendly website builder. We heard great things about it, and decided to give it a go. Through many iterations and lots of learning, we feel very excited about the site that we've created, and we've gotten great feedback from customers too.

Of course, we are still reachable for those who would like to order a customized gift, or to have that personal connection.

A satisfied customer is the best

business strategy of all

- Michael LeBoeuf

Our site has been well received, and people comment regularly about our fantastic customer service. Online visitors feel at ease when they get a quick response from us. There are several ways to reach us on our site:

1. Live CHAT feature

2. Contact Us page via email

3. US and Israeli phone numbers

From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.

- Aeschylus

We've been up and running for several years, and continue to add to our product line. One day we received a call, and our next challenge: To make a fancy fruit arrangement for an upcoming Simcha. We had never done that before, so naturally we said "yes!" And, as the story goes, with lots of research and legwork, we launched our next business line - FRUIT ARRANGEMENTS. We've received enthusiastic responses both within Israel and overseas, especially from Seminary girls who crave fresh fruit!

We are always happy to hear from our customers. Be in touch if we can help you in any way.

In case you missed us live on Facebook with Nefesh B'Nefesh, you can watch it here:


Stay tuned for the next chapter as Candy Corner continues to grow!

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