From Almond Joy to Hershey’s Kisses…Elegant, Jewish, Personalized and Fun - A Simcha is More Than Ju

How can I personalize my event and still keep it dignified and… Jewish? People often ask me about magnets, stickers and candy for their Simcha.

Of course, as co-founder of Let’s Bench (customized benchers) I recommend personalized benchers with your logos or other images to make a keepsake that tells your own story. Everyone loves pictures and Let’s Bench ( offers that kind of a thing.

But what about candy?

It is such a great trend lately to personalized your event by including your favorite m&m’s or confection. First of all, candy is fun! It’s the eating version of playing with a fidget spinner. Second, it can be nostalgic to have Hershey bars from your childhood helping to decorate your event. Third, it’s very Jewish.

It all started as a subtle fertility ritual - throwing candy at the bride-groom at his aufruf. The Aufruf (Yiddish) - or Shabbat Chatan (Hebrew) takes place on the Shabbat preceding a wedding for Ashkenazi Jews and on the Shabbat following the wedding for Sephardim - when the bride-groom is called up to the Torah in honor of his marriage.

Today, throwing candy has evolved into the go-to tradition for most Jewish lifecycle events - weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and a bris or simchat bat.

Face it. We are in love with candy… symbolically and literally.

So, why not take that love of candy a step further by using it to personalize your event. What could be better? The final touch, of course, is mixing candy into your simcha and still keeping the event elegant and dignified.

One could just scatter candy at an event. On the other hand, a designer candy display can sweeten any simcha with panache and style. In fact, candy can give your beautiful elegant event a touch of informality, humor and fun – just enough to make sure that everyone is having a really good time.

Candy experts, like at Candy Corner in Israel, know just how to use candy to magnify the happiness of the seudat mitzvah (festive meal surrounding a life-cycle event). Bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and weddings… are amazing, happy and magical occasions when family and friends get together and celebrate. Bringing candy into the mix is just the way to soften the formality.

Today, the key is to do it with style - and personalize it. As Dick Van Dyke sang in the classic movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,

Don't waste your pucker on some all-day sucker

And don't try a toffee or cream

If you seek perfection in sugar confection

Well there's something new on the scene

What’s new? Customizing your simcha with candy.

When you plan your party for your own little (almond) joy… seal it with a (chocolate) kiss which is nothing to snicker about.

Daniel Laufer is co-founder of Let’s Bench, customized benchers for your events. He lives in Jerusalem, and loves chocolate!

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