New for Purim 2021!! For the chocolate lover in the group, this has it all!!! Your gift includes a huge variety of amazingly delicious chocolates from around the world. 


Pure Chocolate Hamentashen (dairy Eidah Charedit) 

Chocolatina milk chocolate pralines (dairy Eidah Charedit)

Kinder Bueno white (OU dairy)

Kinder Happy Hippo pack (OU dairy)

Kinder milk chocolate creme pack (OU dairy)

M&Ms (OU dairy)

De Karina Mania (chalav yisrael)

Snickers (OU dairy)

Mars (OU dairy)

Chocolate bonbons (chalav yisrael parve)


Chocolate Heaven


    All products certified kosher 



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    US line  (516) 782-3003 or (410) 844-5237
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