Who is Candy Corner?

Candy Corner has been in business since September, 2010. We are mothers and businesswomen, and we know what it's like to have your family live far away. That is why we created Candy Corner! We wanted to make it easy for our customers to send sweet gifts to their loved ones in Israel.
Doesn't it feel great when you receive a gift? It's so nice to know that others are thinking of you. We make gift giving very easy.
On our site you will find a large variety of gifts for any occasion. If you like what you see but want to adjust it, be in touch.  We can customize any gift to meet your specific request. 
All prices are inclusive of VAT (17% tax).
Substitutions of equal or greater value may apply. During the summer months, due to the heat, we substitute chocolate for other items.
Tamar Lustman and Rahel Yaish